Sharpen up your tech skills with amazing online training

Published on August 23, 2019

Part of staying on top of your business goals and continuing with your success is staying relevant in your respective industry. Many different industries provide formal training to up to date with changing regulations and legal requirements.

But what about inside the business? The day to day operational work and the technology which surrounds your business is equally as involved. Most people who are running a small to medium sized business are still very hands on with their technology. Maybe they are updating and maintaining their own website, running social media campaigns, building workflow scenarios in Zapier, or even in some cases building hardcore applications and mobile solutions.

At Rope Digital, it’s no different for us. We are constantly sharpening our technical and business skills and trying to stay on top of new trends, tools and frameworks which seem to be introduced more often than ever before. One way we like to stay on top of those skills is with Treehouse. Treehouse is an online technical training provider, aiming to change the world and offer education to everyone. We discovered Treehouse about 2 years ago and have been subscribers ever since, and now we have built a partnership which allows us to bring the benefits of Treehouse’s online training to those who follow Rope Digital.

Access to online training with a free trial

Thanks to the team over at Treehouse, you can enjoy a free 7 day trial and get access to their full library of tracks and courses before you decide to commit to a subscription. They offer training in all kinds of technology areas including WordPress, Javascript, HTML, Android & iOS development, business skills, soft-skills and a whole raft of others.

We think this is a really great opportunity for business owners, or anyone with an interest in technology and coding to learn and grow. The platform which Treehouse provides is fun and interactive, all of their courses come with video tutorials and have an interactive element to them, and the price is absolutely exceptional. For around $35 per month AUD ($25 USD) you get access to the full library of content, can switch course tracks at anytime and if you get too busy or just want a break, you can pause your subscription at anytime and return when you’re ready. 

This is absolutely a plug for their business, but we have been so pleased with what Treehouse offers that we wanted to share it with you, and give you access to the free 7 day trial.

If you would like to learn more about the courses and what is available, head to our online training page for a write up or head straight to Treehouse and grab a free trial today.

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